EdTech Frameworks

There are several valuable frameworks that help teachers and tech coordinators better understand technology integration:


The SAMR "ladder" is a hierarchy of sorts that provides a method to understand and evaluate a technology experience for students.

The SAMR framework is a wonderful way to help teachers track their own progress in crafting digital learning experiences for students. By recognizing where their tasks tend to fall on the SAMR ladder, teachers start pushing the boundaries and developing uniquely digital age pedagogy. Learn more about SAMR at hippasus.com and schrockguide.net.


TPACK is often referred to as "The Total Package," because it represents all aspects of teaching that a practitioner needs to consider, including the use of technology. Examining ones teaching in terms of TPACK highlights the interaction between domains of knowledge at play in any lesson. Any time a teacher delivers a lesson or project, her or his Content Knowledge, Technical Knowledge, and Pedagogical Knowledge are brought to bear. For a more detailed explanation, check out tpack.org.


This framework does not specifically apply to teaching with technology, but is nevertheless helpful in evaluating a task based on student experience. It's based on two continuums: one in which the depth of knowledge is evaluated (Rigor), and the other in which the ability to *apply *that knowledge is surveyed (Relevance). In many cases, integrating technology into a lesson or project provides ample opportunity to make a task both more relevant and more rigorous. More info available at the International Center for Leadship in Education.