Cyber-Safety Recommendations

Here are some resources and information for keeping you and your students safe online.


Here are some FREE & easy steps to make your online experience more secure:

  1. Run a Google Security Checkup on all GMail accounts.
  2. Turn on 2 step verification for all accounts (if offered), especially banking, credit cards, and email
  3. Avoid re-using passwords! Get a password book or password manager for random, unique passwords.
    • Note: Don't store your password book with your computer!
  4. Use free antivirus at home:
  5. Check if your email/passwords have been compromised: will check for your email in reports of hacks and breaches
  6. Check a link or file (that someone emails you) for viruses:
  7. Keep important data backed up! This protects against "ransomware" that encrypts your files and makes you pay to unlock them!

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