Cool Tools 2017

Cool Tools 2017

Welcome to my Cool Tools 2017 session!

iMovie for iPad: student films made easy

"We're gonna make a movie!" Get your kids fired up with those words, and then trick them into researching, writing, planning, and collaborating. Using iMovie for iPad, you can shoot, edit, and publish video all on one device, making video production easy. Participants will review student videos and project plans, and then design your own project to integrate content area learning with video production. In this session you'll make your own short film to get hands-on experience with iMovie!


Video Planning Questions


Rock Your World: PSAs
Radio Rookies
Vimeo Weekend Challenges

Filming Techniques

Vimeo Video School Lessons
Basic Filming
Your First Interview
Mastering Mobile Video Series

Michael's Guides
FilmingMedia for Projects
Recording Audio

Video Projects

K: Ox and Ix Words | Plan
1: Mothers Day | Plan
Animal Riddles | Plan
2: Spring Diamonte Poems
3: Planet video | Plan
4: Earth Science Lessons | Plan
Symbols in Holes | Plan
5: Ben Franklin Interviews | Plan
6: Book Trailers | Plan
7: PSAs | Plan
8: Trafficking project | Plan
Any: CTK News

Make a video

Some ideas to try out:

  • Science | iMovie |Record a science experiment and explain the concept
  • ELA | Adobe Voice | Use the "Hero's Journey" template to describe the journey of a favorite fictional character
  • Technology | iMovie | Demonstrate an important Digital Citizenship skill; writing a polite email, respecting copyright (and citing sources), healthy use of technology, staying safe and secure online, etc...
  • Social Studies | Adobe Voice | Use the "Promote an Idea" template to propose a solution to a community problem
  • Math | iMovie | Show how you can use measurement and area to compare room sizes


The best part of making videos is sharing them!

Accessible, ubiquitous, great for comments and sharing.

Similar to youtube but videos can be password protected for a little extra privacy.

Google Drive
Same youtube viewer, but sharable with like a Google Doc (good for staying within your school/organization).

iMovie Theater
Easily share back to the teacher when using a single Apple ID



Book Trailer rubric
Book PSA Rubric
Holes Symbols Rubric

Peer Assessments

Planet Video Peer assessment
Generic Project Peer Assessment

More Video Tools

iMovie not doing it for you? These other video makers might hit the spot!

Adobe Spark |
Create videos with a simple editor on iOS and browser

SeeSaw |
Web-based portfolios and so much more

WeVideo |
Collaborative video editing in the cloud!