Hi, I'm Michael.

I'm like this -->

I'm an educator. I've had jobs as...

  • a math teacher
  • a tech teacher
  • an instructional technology specialist
  • a tech "coordinator"
  • a director of educational technology

So basically, I think a lot about the intersection of technology and education. This is a place for me to share those thoughts.

I know things

I do things

I am currently the Vice President of East Bay CUE, an affiliate of Computer Using Educators, Inc. We are a group of passionate educators who promote the use of technology in schools to improve teaching and learning for all!

My story

Born and raised on Long Island, NY. Attended Columbia University, where my first "technical" job was repairing equipment for the fencing team. Started coaching high school fencing at The Marymount School and thought, "I like teaching." Went to City College (MA Math Ed) and taught middle school Math in the Bronx as a New York Teaching Fellow. Became a Tech teacher, then an Instructional Technology Specialist for the Bronx Department of Ed. Followed my wife to Berkeley and became the Tech Coordinator at Christ the King in Pleasant Hill. Now I'm the Director of EdTech for the Diocese of Oakland elementary and middle schools, and on the board of directors for East Bay CUE!

I believe in the power of technology to transform the way we all teach and learn. I've helped students learn to express themselves through digital media (video and audio), social media, coding, and engineering. I've configured more Google Apps domains and iPads than I can count. I've also taught digital literacy and data analysis (I LOVE SPREADSHEETS). Ask me about anything EdTech!